Lover of life and all it’s splendor Mother of 3 boys and a spouse to a military retiree. I am here to help you with all your psychic needs. Welcome to my paranormal family

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I connect with spirits and beyond. Most readings require some back and fourth communication. Each session will take me about a dedicated hour. This does not mean turn around time. I provide a lot of information but I will try to keep it below 2 paragraphs. This will include a free blessing. Also for legal reasons I must state this is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years old or older. Always get medical information verified by a medical practitioner. You make your own choices. I provide you the readings but you are in charge of your own destiny. Thank you for joining my paranormal family and I can’t wait to read for you again.

Sincere wishes,
Your paranormal mama,

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Psychic readings

$ 50.00

* Require 1 specific questions * using my energy, crystals and gifts I will provide answers to your questions. They will be emotional, detailed and honest. Ex. Question, ” how is my grandfather?”

Pendulum reading

$ 10.00

* Requires 5 specific yes or no questions * using my energy, gifts and a pendulum I will provide yes or no answers to your questions. Ex. Question, “am I pregnant?”

Tarot card reading

$ 25.00

* 3 card readings; past, present, and future * using my energy, gifts and tarot cards, I will provide information about your past, present and future. Ex. Topic, “love”.

Local Parties

$ 100.00 and Up

Contact for further information
*i reserve the right to decline in person readings* PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR INFO ON LOCAL PARTIES